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European Tick Invasion not new - but just as dangerous

News (March 2011) of a new breed of disease carrying European tick arriving on our shores is incorrect says Wendy Fox, Chair of the Mosi-guard supported charity BADA UK, (Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness)

In fact, Dermacentor Reticulatus has been present in Britain for decades. It is known here as the Ornate Cow Tick or Marsh Tick and was listed amongst the 22 species of British tick in D.R. Arthur's book "British Ticks" published in 1963.

However, that does not detract from the serious health risk to humans from a simple tick bite says Wendy. “As a victim of Lyme disease which I contracted from a single tick bite that left me permanently disabled, I understand, perhaps better than anyone, the devastating effects these diseases can have”.

BADA believes that public and medical awareness is key to combating the rise in tick-borne disease in the UK and the charity has teamed up with Mosi-guard Natural to host Tick Bite Prevention week (11-17 April) to do just that.

“We urge everyone who enjoys the great outdoors to make sure they avoid tick bites by covering up and using a good insect repellent,” Wendy advises. “And whilst not all ticks carry disease, if bitten it is a good rule of thumb to assume the tick is potentially infective and to remove it as soon and as safely as possible.”

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